Unibet App Review

When it comes to a Unibet app review, it cannot be done without discussing how it has revolutionised the betting industry. The idea that unibet-app-reviewcustomers can access the Unibet site whenever and wherever they want has made it popular among different demographics of users. The app is readily available on Android device. Other than the broad markets which Unibet is known for, their app is also popular for live streaming that makes it possible for users to watch live sports using their devices. Some of the features found on the Unibet app are as follows.


Most players download the app because it provides a convenient way to access the hundreds of games which Unibet offers. Punters just need a mobile device or tablet and good internet connectivity, and they can play as many games as they want. Some of the other aspects of the Unibet app are:

Search feature

This allows punters to search for the games which are available in the site. The search engine also allows them to locate the games that they want to play. The search features can also help users get into specifics such as the live games, where to get answers to the questions they have and other details they may want to find.

Easy to use interface

The Unibet app is easy to navigate, and even beginners have a relatively easy time finding the markets and other features they want to access.


Unibet regularly updates bonuses and promotions on their site. These promotions pop up on the homepage of the app.

Extensive in-play options

The availability of in-play options on the Unibet app makes it possible for punters to put their bets on several sports and events as they are happening. This not only makes betting convenient and fun, but it also gives players a thrill of not having to wait for the end of games results. They get to know exactly how the game was played.

Live streaming

Punters appreciate the live streaming feature as it gives them a glimpse of the different sports available. Through the Unibet app, customers can get more than 10000 streamed events every year.

Sports notification

The Unibet app allows customers to set up notifications for sports. They can get notifications on the progress of a game, scores and other details.


Downloading the Unibet App

For Android users

  • Go to the Unibet site and register for an account.
  • If the phone restricts downloads from unknown sites, go to settings and change it.
  • Go to the Unibet website and find the download link where they can download the app.
  • Once the app has downloaded, users should go back to settings and restrict unknown downloads, so that their devices are not attacked by malware and viruses.

System Requirements

The app is accessed through the Unibet website. All the details about the compatibility are available on the site, but generally, most devices that run on Android can take up the Unibet app.

Customer Service

Contacting Unibet through the app is easy. Users need to log in to their profiles and click on the ‘contact us’ tab to access customer care. It is there that they will find details on how to email or call customer care. There is also a useful and comprehensive “FAQ” section which answers most of the general questions that people have when using the app.

Depositing Money

It is easy and safe to deposit money through the Unibet app. Users who want to deposit should log in to their account, then go to their profiles where there is a tab for deposits. On clicking the tab, they will be presented with different payment options, and they can choose the one which applies to them. Most of the time, once a deposit is made, it is immediately reflected on the site.

Withdrawing Money

Just as in depositing, withdrawing cash on the Unibet app is also easy. Users should be logged in, and then head to their profiles where they will find the withdrawal tab. From there, they will choose the payment method they prefer. It could be five days until the amount is reflected in their accounts, due to the banking procedures.

Licence and Company Information

In the world of betting, many shady deals discourage users from downloading betting apps. The Unibet app is different because it is properly licenced and it belongs to a reputable institution. It belongs to the Kindred group which owns 13 other online betting firms. Unibet was launched in 1999, and it has garnered players from more than 100 countries, totalling to more than 10 million users. The head office is in Malta, and it has a registered office in Gibraltar.

unibet-app-reviewPros of Using the Unibet App

  • The live streaming options allow users to access many sports, and the possibilities of games are extensive.
  • It has several promotional services which can be very beneficial for beginners who are trying to find their way around the site.
  • The interface has a straightforward layout that makes it easy to navigate.

Cons of the Unibet App

  • The process of downloading it on Android is long.
  • They do not have specific bonuses for first-time users.

Overall Review

The Unibet app is an ideal choice for people who are looking for an app which provides a variety of features. The site is also relatively easy to navigate once users register and log in. The layout is neat, making it one of the good betting apps on the internet.